Design Build


FSI uses the Design Build Approach versus a Design Bid Build approach. With Design Build the project cost is determined earlier, allowing the project to be completed in a shorter timeframe. This provides a greater value and a more cohesive process.

Compare two approaches to construction:

The Design Build approach, as opposed to conventional bidding methods, involves FSI from the initial design phases through final completion.

Improved Quality And Value

The Design Build approach allows the designer and contractor to work together to produce the maximum level of value for the investment dollars.

Faster Project Delivery

The Design Build process accelerates the overall design and construction schedule while reducing the possibility of cost escalation. The entire process can be completed sooner, reducing administrative expenses and construction loan fees, allowing the doors to open for business sooner.

Controlled Cost

The owner, designer and contractor all start the project as part of the same team. Construction budgets are developed concurrently with the design. Team members are kept informed regarding issues that affect cost and schedule. Design times and costs are minimized, while the amount of construction services received for the investment is maximized.

Reduced Risk

Through the Design Build process, owners can focus on running their businesses, knowing they're working with a team of professionals who are concentrating only on their project. This team collaboration understands the owner's needs and creates single-source accountability resulting in successful project completion.

Team FSI Design Build


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