Predevelopment Services


FSI is a bonded company that has a focus from the start to finish of each project, and safety is ultimately our first priority. To insure job site safety, we utilize pre-planning communications with subcontractors, as well as the use of safety meetings and Sexton Services (independent safety specialist) for on-site visits. Additionally, the majority of FSI employees have completed once or more the 30-hour OSHA course, once or more, after taking the 10-hour and other safety courses.

At Team FSI, each member of our team works closely with clients prior to the construction process and ground breaking. Ultimately, this helps in providing the most accurate and efficient feasibility analysis of the proposed project. Elements we examine closely include identification of the land, budget goals, timelines and advanced development management.

FSI offers the following services in advance of a construction contract:

Project Planning

  • Property Boundary Surveys
  • Topographical Property Surveys
  • Soil Tests
  • Level I and Level II Environmental Site Assessments
  • Wetlands and Jurisdictional Waterway Site Assessment

Budget Validation

Design Development

  • Preliminary Design Development Drawings
  • Floor Plans
  • Elevations
  • Renderings
  • Interior Finishes
  • Landscape Plans
  • Irrigation Plans

Architectural and Engineering Services

  • Architectural Site Plan
  • Civil Engineering Services
  • Foundation Plans
  • Structural Engineering
  • Wall Sections and Details
  • Reflected Ceiling Plans
  • Heating, Cooling and Ventilation
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Site Lighting

Zoning Support and Building Permits

Subcontractor Trade Bidding

  • Subcontractor Qualification, Bid Solicitation and Final Estimate

Construction Contract Preparation

  • Construction Documents and Drawings
  • Construction Contract

If you're in the early planning phases of a commercial building project, and looking for a vastly experienced contracting company to ensure that not one detail has been overlooked, contact Team FSI to discover why we're among the most reputable and efficient NY commercial builders. Use our contact form, or speak with one of our commercial development specialists by calling Team FSI today at 585-292-1580.